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The mission at Sarassage is to create a customized bodywork session based on your body's unique postural imbalances, specific areas of dysfunction and personal goals for treatment.

Through massage and other soft tissue techniques, our bodies can be re-educated to function more effectively while we peel away layers of compensation to restore movement, increase flexibility, manage pain and achieve a truly balanced body.

Client Testimonials

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"Sarah is the real-deal. I first contacted Sarah because I was experiencing chronic Migraines, and years of prescription drugs and “traditional” medicine were not working to alleviate any pain or symptoms. After only a few months of seeing Sarah, my migraines went from a weekly occurrence, to almost non-existent.

Furthermore, as someone who works in Corporate America, I experience the normal issues that arise from spending a majority of the workday at a desk hunched over a computer. Sarah has been able to reverse the negative affects of this worker lifestyle, not only by relieving the symptoms, but more importantly, by actually resolving the root problems.

On a technical note, Sarah is fluent in numerous forms of Massage Therapy, she radiates positive energy, and is as professional as they come. As someone who has received consistent massages for over 20+ years, I can easily say that Sarah is the best there is.

The greatest part is that Sarah is an amazing human being, and deserves every accolade she receives. She gets a 11 on the 1-10 scale."

- Garrett; Chicago, IL

"Sarah is an incredible massage therapist- dare I say one of the best I've ever had. She's talented, knowledgeable, personable, welcoming and thorough! I'm sure there are plenty of good massage therapists in Chicago, but it's worth a few extra bucks in gas for me to head out to the 'burbs to see her. You won't be disappointed."

- Dan; Chicago, IL

"Sarah Eckstein is an amazing massage therapist. She knows how to apply just the right amount of pressure for your body. She may look small, but she is tough! What is so great about Sarah, however, is that she is so much more than a massage therapist. She is genuinely interested in healing your pain. She will listen to your needs and then massage specific muscles associated with your pain. She cares about your health and wants to help you feel the best you can!"

- Jenny; Seattle, WA

"I am an avid and long-time runner (10 marathons) and hiker (just got back from a week of hiking in New Mexico), and I am in my late 50s. About four years ago, I was regularly having pain in my neck and upper back. At a friend's recommendation, I scheduled my first massage therapy session (ever), and it was with Sarah. By the end of the session, I was relieved of my neck pain and I resolved to explore the value of massage.

Within a few months, I concluded that monthly massage therapy sessions were an important part of my training routine. I'm happy to report that I have only had two subsequent episodes of neck and upper back pain. I credit Sarah with solving what had been recurring pain issues.

Sarah is professional, attentive, calming, inquisitive and very knowledgeable. I ask Sarah questions about the body, nutrition, training, yoga, etc. I am very comfortable asking her about the new aches and pains that accompany the aging process. I am confident in her answers, advice and insights.

It is obvious that Sarah also teaches massage to others. She is clearly a continuous learner and she often tells me about new approaches she has learned at seminars and classes.

I highly recommend Sarah's massage therapy!"

- Lance; Downers Grove, IL

"I had a terrific experience with Sarah. I went to her for a pre-half marathon massage and before even starting, she took the time to discuss my training and target areas that needed attention. I felt relaxed during the massage and really felt the long term benefits of the therapeutic treatment."

- Mackenzie; Elmhurst, IL

"Sarah Eckstein recently did some massage therapy on my upper back, shoulder and neck. I have been having issues for weeks with pain in those areas and felt much better after her treatment. Sarah is not only professional and knowledgeable in her techniques, but also blends compassion and an inviting personality to her massage session that you can't find anywhere else!"

- Bill; North Bend, WA

"Sarah Eckstein is an amazing massage therapist. I came to her after I had surgery to remove a tumor in the thoracic 10 region of my spine in 2010. I was left a paraplegic. After four years of getting my nerves back at the rate of about an inch every month, I decided to speed up the process and looked into massage therapy. I found Sarah's website and loved her ability to keep continuing her education by taking courses in her industry.

I called Sarah and explained about my surgery and she was able to get me an appointment within 3 days- despite the potential 3 week wait listed on her site. She is the most attentive therapist I've ever had. She is constantly checking in with me about pressure and if I'm ever feeling pain when she presses on my back/legs.

She also has a great bedside manner. She is so easy to talk to if you want to talk- but if you prefer not to, she will just massage and let you relax. She also knows all the background, history and benefits of each massage technique she is trained in.

Prior to working with Sarah, I could only walk 30 steps using a walker before my legs gave out. On March 9, 2014, just three months after beginning the massage therapy, I was able to walk 75 steps before my legs gave out!!

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Sarah for anyone wanting a total professional. She is the best!"

- Dan; Naperville, IL

phone/text : (331) 444 - 2884

address : 3510 Hobson Road #202; Woodridge, IL 60517