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The mission at Sarassage is to create a customized bodywork session based on your body's unique postural imbalances, specific areas of dysfunction and personal goals for treatment.

Through massage and other soft tissue techniques, our bodies can be re-educated to function more effectively while we peel away layers of compensation to restore movement, increase flexibility, manage pain and achieve a truly balanced body.

Sarah N. Eckstein

 Owner / LMT / Educator

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Gina Whalen Photography, LLC

Sarah Eckstein's journey into the healthcare industry began years ago through her heavy involvement in artistic gymnastics as a child. She learned early on that our bodies take a beating when worked to its limits and preventative therapeutic approaches became a mainstay in her life. As she grew older and fell away from her gymnastics training, she tried other sports such as track & field and soccer which had the same necessity for therapeutic self-care.

Since 2007 while working within the massage therapy field, she has learned and mastered many new techniques and also developed some of her own. Because of her experience in sports as a child/young adult, her touch is very focused on therapeutic techniques, rehabilitation, injury prevention and pain management. Sarah also believes that non-athletes and less/moderately active people have the same necessity for therapeutic outlet to manage things like repetitive stress injuries, postural imbalances and other issues that can arise from work, hobbies and daily life.

From 2009-2015, Sarah headed the anatomy & physiology department at The School of Holistic Massage & Reflexology in Downers Grove, IL. She loved the ability to provide real-world experience in the classroom and also broaden her knowledge through the stories and testimonials of her students. While she decided to step away from that role to focus on building her practice, she still fuels her passion for teaching by mentoring massage therapists who are new to the field or looking to develop a new aspect of their practice.

Outside the office, Sarah is fueled by her creative passion. She is inspired by all forms of art but prefers to create in mixed mediums such as paint, mosaic and textile. She enjoys nature and the outdoors where she tends to her garden, goes hiking with her dog and relaxes on her deck with a craft beer. She loves live music and travels when she can to the surf, snow, sand and sun for her R&R.

IL License # 227.008397

ABMP Insured since 2007

CPR Certified

phone/text : (331) 444 - 2884

address : 3510 Hobson Road #202; Woodridge, IL 60517